Housing is still basic; most volunteers are in a school or youth center, 5-7 sharing a room. We provide mattresses and pillows, but you must bring your own sheets and pillowcases, (you can bring back your sleeping bags). Sanitary facilities are also available in the accommodation (shower, toilet, kitchen, dining room).
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared by local chefs and served daily on site.
Electricity is available at a power of 220V. Your mobile will normally work on Moroccan soil, which will remain localizable throughout the project. In addition, Wi-Fi zones are accessible throughout the country and cybercafés are numerous and popular, they will cost less than 0.5 euro per hour.
• Mineral water is not included in the registration fee.
• If you are vegetarian, please mention it.
For each project, the volunteers will work between 3 and 4 hours a day. The volunteers will also devote 1 to 2 hours of preparation before the daily work, with an exception for the painting project. The preparation of the work done with the group. Outside of preparation and work hours, your free time allows you to participate in activities with other members of the group.