The volunteer must:

 -Be over 18 years old.
-Be able to communicate and exchange ideas with others.
-Behave respectfully towards the Moroccan culture.
-Contribute to the success of the volunteering project.
-Perform its duties responsibly.
-Adapt to all standards and conditions of the association.

We guarantee

 -Greeting the volunteers and integrating them to the teams.
 -Accommodation and food (we do not support the costs of mineral water).
 -Provide all necessary information.

The time:

The volunteering workcamps are organized during summer. the solidarity travels are organised during the year.

The travel:

Volunteers are responsible for their travel expenses to the place where the camp is organised, plus all other charges for their personal needs.

The costs:

The participation fees are 180 Euros. It includes accommodation, meals, activities and materials for painting and other external expenses.
NB: The mineral water is not included in the cost.


The association organizes excursions for volunteers to discover the beauty of the country and learn its culture.
NB: The cost of the excursions is excluded from the participation fees.


The volunteers are expected to be covered by a travel insurance during their stay, that’s why they are recommended to arrange their own travel insurance.


The volunteers will be hosted in a public school or a house. They will live together which will be an opportunity to learn about the other cultures from the other volunteers who come from different countries and it facilitates the preparation of the work.

The introduction:

The first two days are called “the introduction days”. This days are organized to present the program to the participants and enable them to become aware of the association and to know each others.

The Pick up:

Generation Active facilitates the tasks for volunteers. That’s why we can arrange your arrival:The airport were will the most of volunteers arrive will be the place where we will arrange the pick up, we will reseve in advance your bus ticket or rent a mini bus and we will travel together the day before the first day of the workcamp.

An email will be sent to the volunteers to check if they want to be considered for the PICK UP. For those who will not arrive to the same airport or in after the pick up timing, our team will be available to answer all their questions and to provide them with the necessary documents to reach correctly the place of the workcamp.
NB: Please be aware of flight delays.

The free time:

the volunteers can spend their free time visiting the city, the souk (market) and buy gifts to their families and friends. The evenings will be entertained by games and music, in order to create ambiance into the community life.

Arabic classes:

If you are interested about learning Arabic, there will be a teacher who will be responsible to provid courses for the volunteers with a diverse program which will introduce you to the culture and the Moroccan music.
Cooking classes will also be apart of the program
NB: Arabic and cooking classes will be for free.


 -The last day of the project is not necessarily the last day of work.
 -If the volunteer can not attend the entire period, he/she must inform us in advance. 
 -The Association relies on the generosity of the volunteers to provide equipment and supplies for children (pens, pencils…)