The volunteer must:
• Be over 18 years old.
• Being able to communicate and exchange ideas with others.
• Be respectful of Moroccan culture.
• Contribute to the success of the volunteer project.
• Carry out tasks responsibly.
• Adapt to all the norms and conditions of the association.

As an association, Generation Active lives only through its members, who are truly at the heart of her action. In order to continue his commitment through various missions, the association asks each member to pay inscription fees (190 euros), valid for 3 years, thus, the association gives you the opportunity to keep your registration open for 3 years in all its activities, if you cannot participate in the project you are already registered. Of course, you must inform us of your situation and the reasons for impediment.
(For regulatory and legislative reasons, the association cannot refund the full registration fee).
If your request is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with a voluntary agreement to sign and return before participating in one of our projects. Will asked you to pay half the cost after 15 days from the date indicated on the agreement.
We will send you an e-mail to confirm your payment accompanied by a Letter of Acceptance. If you do not pay half of the costs in the period indicated, your registration would be automatically canceled.
After the confirmation of your registration, we will send a guide containing all the practical information to prepare you to go on your project. Depending on your project, you will need your identity card or a passport and a visa (in case if you request it). Consider it well in advance: it would be a shame to have to postpone or cancel your site because your documents are not in order! It is also important to learn about insurance and mutual insurance that can cover you during your project abroad.
Our accompaniment:
As diverse and generous as your motivations, do not go on a project of volunteering on a misunderstanding. The Generation Active members are here to help you select your project and clarify your motivations. We focus the preparation of our volunteers on the project they will join, the intercultural encounter, the collective activities and the dynamics of a multicultural group.
All our volunteers, on a short term or long-term project, also have the possibility to be in contact individually and daily with the coordinator in charge.
Guide and document:
Our team developed a volunteer guide for you, a guide to religions, as well as an intercultural guide to familiarize them with its geography, history, customs and culture. These files also contain practical advice specific to the country. These guides, regularly updated, is available to volunteers before their departure, in order to prepare them for the experience and cultural shock that awaits them. However, these guides are for informational purposes only. It is up to you to go further!