It is possible to carry out our teaching missions, based on the voluntary, in schools, youth centers, where, generally, means are low. Sharing and exchange are the keywords. Note that these missions are not reserved for teachers, students are welcome, and constitute a large majority of volunteers.

As a volunteer on a teaching mission in Morocco, you will work in a class with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, or in centers teaching language bases to young people and adults. These classes are usually small, with between 10 and 15 students. Faced with the shortage of teachers of English, French or Spanish, we appreciate your help in the country of French-speaking, where students have a lack of ease to express themselves in a foreign language. In addition, why not take this opportunity to validate an internship. Your investment will always be rewarded!

Francophone country, French is present in Morocco. Yet, if they hear this language regularly on television and in the songs, children from predominantly Arabic-speaking families lack self-confidence and precision in their French. They can really benefit from your help. Through your enthusiasm, creativity, and the experience you bring, you will encourage students to improve their oral skills, while supporting the teachers.

As a rule, the means of the association do not allow the hiring of a permanent teacher. As a result, our volunteers teach independently. You can take care of an entire class alone, or work in pairs with another volunteer.

This experience in the Maghreb is open to anyone who is fluent in French, English or Spanish: you do not need to have previous experience, or to have obtained a teaching diploma. If you find yourself the first time in front of a class, Génération Active will provide you with the support of an experienced teacher who will allow you to be more comfortable. You will also be able to benefit from many educational books and other teaching materials present in our office.

If you follow a training course, you can validate your mission as an agreed internship.

English is the third language taught in the Moroccan education system, after Arabic and French: starting at the age of 12 years. With increasing opportunities for higher education and employment in tourism and business, Moroccans are eager to develop their language skills. The opportunities to practice English are few for Moroccans, which you can change by committing yourself as a volunteer teacher.

Being close to Spain means that Spanish language skills can also significantly improve young people’s chances of finding a job in tourism or commerce.