The association Génération Active is a non-profit, pluralistic, apolitical and non-religious Moroccan association created in 2012 by and for volunteers, with the aim of promoting social and humanitarian cooperation and promoting the development of the regions. It also serves as a bridge between those interested in visiting the country and its diversity of heritage and culture, through the organization of international work camps, thus, cultural exchanges in a spirit of tolerance, respect and fraternity.

Generation Active actively participates in international projects in more than five cities throughout Morocco. Our main mission is the preparation, and reception of volunteers in the framework of international projects set up. In addition to these missions, Génération Active campaigns to defend a vision of international non-commercial volunteering, citizen, accessible to all and in opposition to the excesses of voluntourism.

No, we will not change our shoulder commitment. International volunteering is and remains our core business (a non-profit core-business). What will make you move, engage you, jostle you … it will be a project of international solidarity, short or long, now or during your holidays, but from a perspective of eliminating prejudices, and to join a new vision of the World. Expect an extraordinary «before-after».

A nice way to wait and get ready is to familiarize yourself with a language understood by people, and support the project that will welcome you. This will facilitate contacts, the weaving of relationships where you decide to go.

The association puts at your disposal teachers, Arabic teachers and instructors to prepare the ground of your project; it is just … like that! It is obviously within the reach of everything in everyone, future, former volunteer, or not!