Artistic expression is a universal language and a means of communication that can link different cultures. The role of the association is also to make the world of art and culture accessible to all local populations, through the renovation and decoration project, and through the mural: unleash your artistic talents on a larger scale, to give life to the walls of a school or in the streets. While supporting young artists. An artist will leads the workshop to help the team.

This mission is open to anyone who has a motivation and attraction to the creative arts. If you are convinced that artistic expression is a personal development tool, you are in the right place.

This mission of volunteering is accessible to all. On the other hand, it is still preferable to have a marked interest for the artistic activities and to have in mind ideas of realization on the spot, with the means of the edge.

Your enthusiasm, your flexibility and your curiosity will be your main assets to carry out this mission. Some experience in group motivation or event organization can also be valuable tools.