Humanist Generation

Goals :

The human aspect is fundamental in our actions. Through this journey of solidarity, we want to bring joy and support for people with disabilities. Games, animations and guidance will help us to reach our goals.
This volunteer work will be an opportunity to discover Moroccan cultue, heritage and natural resources.

Program :

The first day :

The second day :

The third day :

The forth day :

The fifth day :

The sixth day :

The seventh day :

The eighth day :

Accommodation :

Participants will be accommodated in a house, an inn or a hotel. They will be living and traveling together to keep the homogeneity of the group.

The greetings day :

The first day of the journey of solidarity is called "the Greentings day". This day is organized by the association to present the program to the participants and enabling them to become aware of the association and to create links between them.

Time :

Solidarity trips are organized throughout the year, but usually during the summer, the New Year holidays and spring.
The association is available at the travel arrangements for groups wishing to experience a solidarity tourism.

Arrival :

The assembly point will be set by the association, a point where participants will come together to be able to start the journey of solidarity.
NB: Participants are responsible for their journey to the assembly point.

Cost :

Each trip has a fixed price, the price varies depending on the expenses and lodging plus the number of days and destinations to visit. For this trip
the fees are set at 290 .


The cost of this journey is set at 290 which includes:

NB: all consumptions will be added to the responsibility of the participant. For instance: drinks...