Who are we?

Génération Active is an association created in 2011 by young Moroccans in order to create a social and humanitarian cooperation for the development of solated areas in Morocco, which are suffering from poverty and lack of infrastructures.

Génération Active stands as a potential bridge between people who are interested by this country and the great variety of its culture and locals, giving them the opportunity to discover Morocco during sustainable trips and voluntary work. These projects will promote intercultural exchanges through a voluntary commitment in a spirit of tolerance, respect and fraternity...

Our goals

+Be a key actor of the Moroccan development through voluntary and social work.
+Promote voluntary action.
+Promote education in a informal way, to contribute to reduce poverty resolution.
+Focus on environmental preservation with actions of protection.
+Raise awareness and imply young generations to solidarity.
+Spread the notion of active citizenship.
+Show the richness of Moroccan cultural heritage to the volunteers.
+Insist on human values of tolerance and respect with the young generation.

Our missions

+Improve quality of life for the local population.
+Greet volunteers and integrate them in teamwork.
+Setting up projects based on the aims of the association.
+Implement and monitor projects and volunteers.
+Developing partnerships with regional governments, local authorities and associations.
+Target specific objectives.


Many Moroccan children do not find space to express their talents and desires, most come from families who can not offer them materials or travel, so they spend their time on the street where they may be in danger or working to help their family.


Due to the poor state of conservation and conditioning of the classrooms which limits the effective development of teaching during the year, especially in winter, the association takes in her responsabilities to paint and decorate classes to prepare an ideal space


The human aspect is fundamental in our actions. Through this journey of solidarity, we want to bring joy and support for people with disabilities. Games, animations and guidance will help us to reach our goals.

Contact us

Address: Générationactive - Lotissement Oued Eddahab, N°599, Errachidia 52000, Maroc.

Phone number: +34 602 042 790  / +212 (0)6 68 22 15 58

E-mail: info@genactive.org